Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who we are and what we do! :)

Once upon a time, our former PTA President, Alexis Derry, told me about the Washington State Potato Commission Grant to fund school gardens--the rest is history!

Kapowsin’s Garden is a magical place where
kids take turns volunteering during recess
in order to grow food and flowers
for those in need while learning about
working together for the common good!  

We are in our 9th year!  Hundreds of students
have helped build this thriving
garden of “eatin” ;)

a once forgotten area

to a now
thriving source of
beauty and bounty!

We grow organic veggies, apples, pears, plums,
peaches, grapes, berries, figs,
and kiwis
tucked amidst a
forest of flowers and a
plethora of pollinator friendly plantings!

We even brew our own fertilizer from Comfrey
—stinky but with spectacular results!

Hundreds of pounds of produce are shared with:

Harvest House Food Pantry
Families in need
Did you know tomatoes are really a fruit? ❓❗
You can even grow and eat your own flying saucers! 😮
From Kapowsin PTA Giving Garden and Fruit Forest to Harvest House Food Pantry with 💕

Fresh Organic Apples!

Eat a rainbow! 😊

Can you spot the cucumber?  Hint:  It's not green, is sort of round shaped, has a thin stem, looks a bit prickly, and is kind of small. (Give up?  See the end of the blog for the answer.)

(not a real word...)

Tomatoes anyone?

Fruit and flowers for Harvest House!

Did you know that Rhubarb leaves are poisonous but the stalks are edible if cooked?

Fried green tomatoes anyone? Green tomato salsa? Green tomato pie?

Are those blue things tomatoes?!? Answer:  Yes!! :)

Look out Harvest House, here we come...
These grapes came from one plant that has been growing in a very large pot (but the roots have probably broken free into the ground)

Chives taste like onions and the bumblebees love their flowers. 🐝

Who needs candy when you have garden ripened tomatoes?

Apples that were thinned from the trees make good applesauce.

Our student gardeners helped clear the land

Where is that shovel anyways?!?

Oh Boy!  Mom is going to love this!😉
sift the soil

fill in the beds

haul poles for bean tee pees


Pole Beans


a little

or a lot!


and most fun of all...HARVEST!

Valuable lessons are learned while we garden such as how to::

respect each other and our environment
be kind and inclusive
solve problems peacefully
work cooperatively
manage stress and other feelings

New friends can be found in this exciting process
along with a sense of pride, purpose,
self confidence and most importantly
a feeling of belonging.

Adult Volunteers always welcome,
as are donations to help keep us growing!

Our Spring dahlia tuber and plant sale,
along with grants and donations,
fund our vibrantly verdant adventure!

Come Grow With Us! :)


PS.  ** Answer to the question "Can you find the cucumber?"

The cucumber is the pale yellow semi round shaped object just to the right of the light green patty pan (flying saucer shaped) squash.  It is called a lemon cucumber and they are really good! :)